I am a Celtic Warrior Healer, Therapist, Teacher & Musician.

I walk a Christo-Pagan/generally eclectic spiritual path, and my writings will reflect that. Five years spent as a Carmelite nun in my twenties have also left an indelible mark on me, for which I am eternally grateful.

A survivor of MDSA (mother-daughter sexual abuse) as well as other CSA (child sexual abuse) I will also be writing about this in due course. It is, perhaps, the last taboo in the subject of child sexual abuse, yet is almost as common as abuse by male perpetrators.

Ffraid is the Welsh form of Brighid, Goddess and Saint. She has been present since my baptism many moons ago, and walks with me still. She is not always comfortable to be around – her scarred-face and her fire can get a little intense at times, but She is my Warrior, and I honour her as both pagan goddess and saint.

My therapy work is mostly Bowen & Reiki (Usui & Celtic Reiki). The latter meanders through groves and the celestial realms, via the oceanic depths and the mineral realm. All these can be brought into a treatment, whether in person or at a distance. 

Blogging is new to me, so if my tags/categories become rather confused, please bear with me. I am a work in progress, along with this blog.