Is forgiveness necessary for healing?

This is honest and liberating writing for any person struggling with abuse, whether in the past or present.

A Brave Mess

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the concept of forgiveness.

When I was really stuck in the trenches in November and December, working through trauma and dealing with family–motherly–issues, I found myself really holding onto the idea of an apology.

You see, as a grown up who is just now realizing exactly how sad and traumatic and lonely my childhood was, I started seeing just how unjust it was. With that sense of injustice, came a need for…vindication.

However…that vindication, that need for the people who hurt me–who continue–to hurt me, to own up to what they did and apologize?

Well…that just isn’t ever going to happen. 

I was finally able to realize that and I had some strong, soul healing realizations. But, at the same time, the concept of forgiveness still permeated my sense of compassion and politeness.

Only, this time, it made me wonder: do 

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