Musings of Hope from a Celtic Warrior

On this Solstice a new life begins,

A new Fire is Kindled under the watchful gaze of Brighid


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Bear & Gratitude

This post is in gratitude to Bear, who has walked with me longer than I knew. Bear came to me around 5 years ago in a shamanic journey/meditation. When I trained in Reiki Drum a couple of years ago 2 male black Bear came to me.   Today in therapy I faced up to some … Continue reading Bear & Gratitude

Prayer and Dissociation

Repeated early trauma will frequently lead to dissociation, a separation of the self from the body in order to survive the reality of what the body is being subjected to. Structural Dissociation in some degree may occur (for more on this, I found to be of great help). In indigenous shamanic cultures dissociation is seen … Continue reading Prayer and Dissociation

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